Antares Ganas

A former Gand Jedi Knight prodigy, now a battle droid


Once a very powerful Jedi Knight, Antares was a prodigy for his age. Barely into adolescence, Antares went through his Padawan years at astonishing speed, crafting his first lightsaber when he was very young. His mastery of The Force was impressive, although most unusual was how he remained very grounded and never lost a sense of self. Due to some extraordinary consequences, Antares’ consciousness is now inside a battle droid formerly belonging to R2-A1, and is learning how to navigate his new life apart from The Force.


Antares Ganas was identified as a powerful Force-sensitive when he was still an infant. He does not remember his family, as his parents were immediately told of his immense power and his ability to do good in the galaxy, and he was taken away to Coruscant. His development continued rather quickly, until he was assigned as a Padawan to legendary Jedi Master Sh’Davri. As a team, they traveled the galaxy for only a few years before Sh’Davri deemed Antares capable of lightsaber crafting.

Antares was selected by the Jedi Council to be the youngest Padawan to ever craft his lightsaber within the sacred Ilum Kyber caves. The task was arduous, and nearly cost Antares his life, but he survived and crafted his own lightsaber. His training began in earnest at this point. He quickly proved adept at many Force techniques and diplomatic missions, although Sh’Davri was ready to point out he frequently let his emotions get the better of him.

While on a routine diplomatic escort leaving Dantooine, Antares fell unconscious for several days, during which Sh’Davri was unable to sense his presence, which was normally so strong for so many years. After finally awakening, he was stunned to be told by the medical droids that he had a rare brain condition, and any intense strain on his mind could potentially lapse him into another coma, one which he might not ever awaken.

Not to be put down, Antares continued his travels with Sh’Davri for a time, only occasionally falling prey to his condition, at which point his mentor would earnestly ask him to give up field work. Her request would be granted, during the swell of the Sith Empire in the times of the Old Republic, when a new study offered her a chance for her student to be safe- a controversial new method of massive joint Force meditation that allowed a controlled environment of hundreds of Jedi to be in (essential) hibernation at once. At her insistence, Antares agreed to try it, thinking he would be out of the field for a few months, nothing more. Sh’Davri was unable to join him, as she was called away by the Council, insisting she would only be a month or so.

However, within weeks of the trance starting, the Sith empire discovered and raided many sacred Jedi sites, including the sacred temple on Ilum where Antares lay dormant with roughly 400 other Jedi. The trance remained undisturbed, it’s location and very existence a secret, but with no Jedi on the other side to assist in the Emergence, the Jedi remained dormant for many years.

When Sh’Davri was finally able to return to Ilum, she found in horror that the temple had been raided, and the devices assisting the Jedi in their trance had been damaged. She simply watched, devastated, as her Padawan floated in a pool of Kyber, so close, yet impossible to reach. She attempted to repair the system to revive them, but simply was unable to alone. She resolved to stay and protect the Jedi until help arrived. Sh’Davri fought off many Sith who attempted to discover the temple’s last remaining secrets, until they too, stopped coming, and she was truly alone. Sh’Davri stayed and guarded the empty temple until her last breath.

Antares spend the first month or so in the trance as his old self, happy, brash, and a little insubordinate. He was confident his mentor would return to him soon and they could be off on another high-stakes mission within days. However, as the months became years it became obvious Sh’Davri wasn’t returning for him. He understood why. It was because he was unable to keep up with the strain of a Jedi. His body and mind had failed him, and Sh’Davri knew it. He knew he was stuck here, because it was “safe”, and because if the frailest Jedi Knight in the order was going to be a Jedi, he might has well just be a bookkeeper. He began to become more and more accepting of his fate, eventually forgetting his old aspirations entirely.

What seemed like an impossible amount of years later, a small band of intrepid Force-sensitives consisting of Alicha, Tavic, Nianna, and Miasma, and their battle droid, R2-A, discovered the temple after unearthing an ancient holocron belonging to a long-forgotten Jedi Master. With their help, and the help of the temple’s last surviving droid, they were able to repair the damage to the device and begin the Emergence.

However, Antares hadn’t used his mind in the capacity required to emerge from the trance in thousands of years. His mind simply couldn’t handle the strain, and he was aware of this. He knew once the massive trance was devoid of all but one Jedi, it would collapse, and his consciousness would be lost to the aether. Would be be returned to the Force, as Jedi all are when they die? He wasn’t sure, but he was sure that his life was at it’s end.

That’s when the curious battle droid, R2-A1 made a startling appearance. Antares insisted his fate was his fate, and he was accepting of this, but the droid seemed to have different ideas. After being left truly alone for the first time in thousands of years, Antares suddenly felt a massive pull on his entire being; up, up, up, and then roughly wedged into place, all too familiar of every piece of his body. Then he realized, R2-A1 had taken his body and given Antares his, using the brief moment while they were both in the cloud-like aether of Force energy while exiting the trance to make a quick switch.

Antares was given a second chance at life. But he wasn’t sure if he could call it that.

After learning he was completely cut off from the Force, forever, Antares wasn’t sure what to do with his life. Fortunately, fate returned to his life, once again in the form of the odd R2-A1; this time sporting his face. The two decided to become each other’s mentors- Antares to R2 in the ways of the Force and being a living creature, and R2 to Antares in the ways of being a droid and all the new things his body does.

Antares traveled with the Force-sensitives on their journey to Dorin to find another Jedi installation, but unfortunately was attacked when Imperials discovered their location. Fleeing with the group, Antares was with the party as they were ripped out of hyperspace and forced to dock at an unnamed space station. As the group left the ship to investigate, Antares was given the job of guarding an unconscious and injured Nianna, which unfortunately, he was unable to do as several medical droids swarmed the ship and kidnapped her.

After the group was able to rescue Nianna, they decided they needed to go to Cerea to confront Odo Thaen, Nianna’s father and apparent owner and benefactor of the collection of Sith artifacts housed on the space station. In their fervor to get to the bottom of the mystery, they accidentally forgot Antares at the station. He contacted them, flustered and scared, to inform them the station had locked him in the ship, but they assured him they would come to his aid soon.

Antares Ganas

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